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West Virginia Thread Alert: Senior Day Combination Against Texas Longhorns

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The Mountaineers are riding a 3-game winning streak with this combo.

TCU v West Virginia Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Date: November 18, 2017

Opponent: Texas Longhorns

Threads: Blue Helmets - Blue Jerseys - White Pants

Record in Uniform: 3-1

For the last home game of the year, the West Virginia Mountaineers will wear my personal favorite home jersey combination. Blue Lids, Blue Jerseys and White Pants. While I know all you traditionalists are upset because they aren’t wearing blue-and-gold, this combination actually looks better. The white just provides a cleaner, crisper contrast to the blue.

West Virginia has worn this combination four times, first debuting it in the debacle against Iowa State in 2013. The loss is the only time WVU has lost wearing this combination. The Mountaineers wore it when they upset #4 Baylor in Morgantown back in 2014. That game featured maybe the second greatest catch by a Mountaineer receiver when Kevin White reached out his giant #GAM hand and snagged a one-handed touchdown.

Skyler Howard and company wore this combination twice last year when they beat TCU and Baylor. The Mountaineers ave a current 3-game winning streak in this combination and will look to make it four when they take on Texas on Saturday.