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The Rundown, 10/25/17: More “Disrespect”, Kwantel Raines, Exhibition Basketball and JuJu Smith-Schuster

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Check out what’s trending through Mountaineer Nation in today’s edition of The Rundown.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone! We’re halfway through the week and another day closer to West Virginia’s huge matchup with Oklahoma State. Let’s just jump right into this thing, and get things rolling.

In Mountaineers news...

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAINES: I touched on this a little last week in The Rundown, but there are some new developments so we’re talking about him again. We may have to put West Virginia on commit watch after this weekend. Aliquippa, PA standout Kwantel Raines is set to announce his commitment on Monday at 7PM, and just announced his top four schools yesterday. Raines will be choosing between the Mountaineers, Pitt, Penn State and Florida, and it sounds like West Virginia may be in the driver seat. Raines is expected to be in Morgantown this weekend for the Oklahoma State game, so a big win over the Cowboys could be enormous.

TODAY IN DISRESPECT: So, I guess the big “story” yesterday was ESPN completely butchering Will Grier’s info in the Nissan Heisman House voting thing. For a period of time, the site listed Grier as a Florida quarterback, which I’m sure the Gators would love for that to still be true.

Of course, West Virginia fans got into an uproar and blasted ESPN until they fixed the screw up. ESPN had been pulling the information from an old profile for Grier, so I’ll give them a pass. You can’t expect the people working on the backend to be completely up on their sports info, even if they do work for the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

O SAY CAN YOU SEE: Did y’all see the West Virginia coal miner that went viral for singing the National Anthem a couple weeks ago? If not,

That coal miner will be singing the Star Spangled Banner this Saturday night when West Virginia plays Albany in a charity exhibition game.

Proceeds for the game will go to hurricane relief efforts across the country. If you’re in town for the Oklahoma State game, stick around and get a sneak peak at Bob Huggins’ squad.

Around the League and Beyond...

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE (SB Nation): One of my favorite things about college football is how incensed people get when their team loses. I know we are just as guilty of this as fans of every other team. Luckily for us, we won last Saturday so we aren’t living in the pit of despair this week like Michigan and Texas fans.

JUJU ON THE STREETS (SB Nation): Someone stole Pittsburgh Steelers rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster’s bike, and it’s turned into great content. Juju’s teammates are on the case.

Things took an even better turn yesterday afternoon when former porn star Mia Khalifa, who’s notorious for publicly blowing up athletes that try to slide into her DMs, tried to join in on the fun. JuJu immediately shut her down, so it looks like guys are beginning to learn their lesson.

And that’s it!

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