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The Rundown, 10/24/17: Riot Bowl kickoff announced, Will Grier, The Silletnikoff Award and Samara Weaving

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Check out what’s trending through Mountaineer Nation in today’s edition of The Rundown.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone! Sorry for not getting The Rundown out yesterday, all my time was devoted to taking care of a very sick toddler. You parents will understand that struggle. We’re back today though and I’m not sure if you know it or not, but we’ve got a huge game looming in a couple days. Let’s get through the rest of this week together.


In Mountaineers news...

TOP 25 RIOT BOWL?: The 2017 edition of The Riot Bowl will be played at 3:30PM on November 4th. Television will be announced after this weekend’s games, but we do know it will be on either ESPN2 or ESPNU.

If West Virginia and Iowa State both win this weekend we’re looking at the first ever Top 25 Riot Bowl, which is just insane to think about. Iowa State plays TCU on Saturday at 3:30. I’m not sure if there is a Jack Trice Stadium equivalent to Hilton Magic, but this weekend would be a great time for it to make an appearance.

WILL GRIER, NEWCOMER (PART IV): West Virginia quarterback Will Grier was named the Big 12 Conference Newcomer of the Week on Monday. This is the fourth time Grier has earned the award this season, which begs the question - at what point does someone stop being a “newcomer”?

DAVID SILLS, HEISMAN HOPEFUL?: We all know that David Sills V is absolutely lighting it up this season, but it looks like he may finally be starting to receive some of the recognition he deserves. The NCAA seems to be a fan, at least...

So, now it’s time to bring it back to reality. Sills probably isn’t going to win the Heisman. Shocking take there, I’m sure. Saquon Barkley is in the driver seat for that award, and has The Machine working behind him to make it happen. Unless Barkley looks terrible at Ohio State this week, he’s got it wrapped up.

What we can hope for is David Sills to win the Biletnikoff Award or, as Matt Kirchner coined the phrase Saturday night, the Silletnikoff. Sills has a nice six touchdown cushion over the next leading receiver in total touchdowns, and leads the country in total points scored. It’s time for David to start receiving some of the hype he deserves. Another two touchdown day on Saturday will work wonders for Sills’ Biletnikoff campaign, and this time there’s no Marqise Lee out there to steal the award from our guy.

Around the League and Beyond...

THREAD ALERT (SB Nation): I’m not usually a fan of gimmick uniforms - I’m looking at you, Florida - but Arizona State will be wearing a pretty badass set this weekend against Southern Cal to honor the late Pat Tillman and other Sun Devil veterans.

Procrastination Corner...

I get fully entrenched in the Halloween spirit every October and usually go on a horror movie spree. Saturday night, after the Baylor game, I sat down to watch one before bed, and ended up picking The Babysitter. I went into this movie not knowing anything about it. I hadn’t seen a trailer and didn’t know what to expect, but man was I surprised by how good it was.

If you’re into horror-comedy movies like Shaun of the Dead and Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil, you have to check The Babysitter out on Netflix. So fun.

It also helps that Samara Weaving is super hot.

That’s a little freebie there for you Miss Throwdown fans.

And that’s it!

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