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The Rundown, 10/18/17: COMMIT WATCH, All-American David Sills, Teddy Bear Hayes on RVK and We’ve Got Another Bad Fan

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Check out what’s trending through Mountaineer Nation today in the hump day edition of The Rundown.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone! We’ve made it through the worst part of the week, it’s smooth sailing from here to the weekend. Before we kick things off, I want to let everyone know that we helped Dante Stills make it to the second round of the Dream Fearlessly contest yesterday. Thanks for looking out for other Mountaineers, folks. Y’all are great. Now we have to make sure to keep those votes going to get him to the Under Armour game.


In Mountaineers news...

DAVID SILLS V, ALL-AMERICAN FREAK: In addition to leading the country in receiving touchdowns, David Sills is racking up the mid-season accolades. He’s been named as a midseason All-American by ESPN, AP, The Athletic, and Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports . Tune in tomorrow, because I’m sure the love for Sills doesn’t stop here.

COMMIT WATCH?: Are the Mountaineers close to scoring another big time commitment from a Western PA athlete? We’ll find out the answer to that this evening when TJ Banks announces where he’ll be continuing his football career. Banks intends to announce his decision on social media at 6:00PM and, as always, The Smoking Musket will be monitoring the situation.

DON’T DO THIS, YOU IDIOTS! (Heartland College Sports): I hate even sharing this, but it needs to be said. Stop being terrible human beings. Texas Tech wide receiver TJ Vasher received racist Facebook messages from a West Virginia fan during the game on Saturday. I don’t have any use for people like this, and refuse to consider them a fellow Mountaineer. It’s not something we, as West Virginia fans, should stand for. The dude has also lost his job since Heartland College Sports published the article. Way to own yourself, you moron.

Around the League and Beyond...

LET THE CONTROVERSY CONTINUE (The Ringer): The NFL and NFL Players Association met yesterday to discuss the whole pre-game protest stuff, and it doesn’t look like the circus surrounding the issue will be going away any time soon. Roger Goodell announced on Tuesday that the League will not require players to stand for the National Anthem. So, I guess everyone just needs to get used to seeing people fight over the issue on Facebook for the foreseeable future.

Procrastination Corner...

I’ve gotta give a shoutout to our friends, the Raspy Voice Kids. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Brandon and Jeremy but if you’re not, you need to go give them a follow on Twitter and subscribe to their show on YouTube.

RVK just did an interview with the man of the hour, Charles Hayes. Charles was the dancing fan that brought the rest of the fans back to life on Saturday. Check it out.

(By the way, I have to say that Teddy Bear Hayes and DJ Chocolate Thunder are electric nicknames.)

Follow RVK on Twitter @RaspyVoiceKids, @IAlsoHatepitt and @jnpheen

And that’s it!

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