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The Rundown, 10/17/17: Oklahoma State kickoff set, Logan Holgorsen, Dante Stills and Butch Jones on the hot seat

Let’s see what’s trending in the Mountaineer sports world

West Virginia v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to The Rundown, your one-stop shop for what’s trending in the Mountaineer sports world and beyond. The debut edition yesterday seemed to be pretty well received so, as long as there’s something to talk about, we’re going to keep this thing rolling. Now, ON TO THE RUNDOWN!

In Mountaineers news...

ANOTHER F*CKIN NOON GAME: You’d think a marquee matchup with the Oklahoma State Cowboys would warrant at least a 3:30PM kickoff, right? Well, apparently not.

It was announced yesterday that West Virginia’s matchup with the current No. 10 team in the country will start at Noon on October 28th. We got the ol’ six day window on the network decision so, while we know it will be on the ESPN family of channels, we won’t know exactly which one until this time next week.

By the way, you can probably kiss any chances of getting College GameDay in Morgantown for this game. I’d say it’s damn near impossible to get fans from the GameDay location and into the stadium within minutes.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR YOUNG ADULT SON: Congratulations are in order for Logan Holgorsen after his commitment to the North Texas Mean Green. Logan, of course, is the son of West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen, and a quarterback at Morgantown High School.

So now in addition to being a FAU blog during bye weeks, we’re going to have to become a North Texas blog as well. I guess we’ll just root for an Owls vs. Mean Green Conference USA championship game every season.

GET DANTE TO THE UNDER ARMOUR GAME: West Virginia commit Dante Stills is an entrant in the Dream Fearlessly contest for a spot in the Under Armour All-American Game in January. If Dante receives enough votes in this contest, and is one of the final two entrants, he’ll get a chance to play in front of a national audience. He’s currently about half a percent behind in the vote for the opening round, which closes today at Noon. Let’s see if we can push our guy to the next round and show him love from Mountaineer Nation.

You can vote for Dante by going to the Dream Fearlessly website and clicking through the bracket until you find his matchup. Get those votes in before Noon!

Around the League and Beyond...

THE BUTCH JONES HOT SEAT (SB Nation): Things are going less than stellar for Butch Jones at Tennessee. Okay, so that’s probably a bit of an understatement. Things are going horribly wrong in Knoxville, and Butch is about to be engulfed in flames. It’s got to the point now that beating the Kentucky Wildcats IN FOOTBALL is something that will be a challenge, and will probably get you fired if you fail to do so.

Things aren’t all bad for Butch though. If he does get fired, he has a role waiting for him as Randall J. Weems in the live action production of Recess.

THE NBA IS BACK TONIGHT (The Ringer): We’re entering into the greatest time of the year to be a sports fan. We’re deep into the football season, the World Series is just a week away, the NHL season has started, and now the NBA makes its return tonight. There’s not a single night between here and next Spring that you can’t find some sporting event on television. Enjoy the good life, folks, because summer will come faster than you know it and we’ll be forced into the sports doldrums.

Procrastination Corner...

I’ve got to give a shoutout to the guys and girls at the mothership. The college football staff have been putting out some excellent video content lately. If you’re not already watching on a weekly basis, ‘Wake Up, College Football!’ is a must watch.

Wake Up College Football gives out Midseason Awards

COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS, WAKE UP! The Heisman may be one of college football's most time-honored tradition, but its cousin — the September Heisman — isn't far behind!

Posted by SB Nation on Saturday, October 14, 2017

And that’s it!

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