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Will Grier not being named a Golden Arm Award candidate is absolutely bananas and blatant disrespect

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We’ve got more ammo here for your “Everyone hates West Virginia” theories

Virginia Tech v West Virginia Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

No. 3 in Passing Touchdowns. No. 4 in Total Offense. No. 6 in Passing Yards Per Game. No. 13 in Passing Efficiency. Redshirt Junior.

These are the things that West Virginia quarterback Will Grier is, as of today.

Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award candidate.

That is what Grier isn’t, according to the Golden Arm Foundation.

The Golden Arm Foundation announced the remaining 20 candidates for the award yesterday, and most notably missing from the list is the West Virginia signal caller. Before I break down who is on the list, let me clarify the requirements for the award, according to the Foundation’s website.

The Golden Arm Award is presented at the end of each season since 1987 to the nation’s top college quarterback, based on his accomplishments both on and off the field. Candidates must be a college senior or fourth-year junior on schedule to graduate with their class. These strong leaders have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and worked hard for themselves and their teams during the season and beyond.

Grier very clearly meets the requirements laid out by the Foundation. He is a fourth-year junior, and is excelling on the field and off. Grier has consistently been in the top 15 in nearly every statistical category this season, and is doing all of this while balancing his role as a student-athlete with that of a husband and father. I’m not sure how much more of an example of someone “working hard for themselves and their team during the season and beyond.”

Now, let’s dive into who is actually on this Top 20 list and compare their stats to Grier’s. I think what you’ll find here is less than surprising.

Will Grier vs. Golden Arm Award Candidates

Quarterback Team Passing TDs Total Offense/Game Passing Yds/Game Passing Eff.
Quarterback Team Passing TDs Total Offense/Game Passing Yds/Game Passing Eff.
Will Grier WVU 16 (No. 3) 376.0 (No. 4) 348.0 (No. 6) 164.0 (No. 13)
J.T Barrett Ohio State 16 (No. 3) 304.0 (No. 21) 252.2 (No. 38) 166.0 (No. 10)
David Blough Purdue 7 (No. 64) 144.2 (No. 114) 137.6 (No. 101) 149.9 (No. 31)
Jesse Ertz Kansas State 7 (No. 64) 253.2 (No. 46) 186.0 (No. 74) 150.2 (No. 29)
Luke Falk Washington St. 19 (No. 1) 321.2 (No. 14) 333.3 (No. 7) 158.3 (No. 16)
Riley Ferguson Memphis 16 (No. 3) 306.4 (No. 18) 307.0 (No. 13) 146.8 (No. 38)
Ryan Finley NC State 10 (No. 34) 306.7 (No. 17) 295.0 (No. 16) 152.3 (No. 26)
Nick Fitzgerald Miss. St 8 (No. 53) 225.2 (No. 65) 156.6 (No. 90) 115.3 (No. 103)
Quinton Flowers USF 10 (No. 34) 265.8 (No. 41) 186.8 (No. 72) 143.2 (No. 47)
Justice Hansen Arkansas St. 14 (No. 11) 333.0 (No. 11) 325.3 (No. 11) 159.9 (No. 15)
Kenny Hill TCU 10 (No. 34) 248.4 (No. 53) 230.6 (No. 50) 154.4 (No. 21)
Stephen Johnson Kentucky 9 (No. 43) 230.3 (No. 62) 206.3 (No. 62) 147.5 (No. 37)
Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 15 (No. 8) 341.8 (No. 9) 327.0 (No. 9) 214.1 (No. 1)
Trace McSorley Penn St. 13 (No. 16) 295.8 (No. 25) 266.2 (No. 31) 154.1 (No. 23)
Josh Rosen UCLA 17 (No. 2) 431.6 (No. 1) 427.0 (No. 1) 156.9 (No. 18)
Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State 16 (No. 3) 393.8 (No. 3) 381.8 (No. 2) 186.2 (No. 3)
Brandon Silvers Troy - 251.3 (No. 48) 250.7 (No. 40) 118.0 (No. 95)
Nick Stevens Colorado St. 14 (No. 11) 324.3 (No. 13) 311.8 (No. 12) 150.9 (No. 28)
Clayton Thorson Northwestern 7 (No. 64) 227.4 (No. 63) 240.6 (No. 45) 123.7 (No. 84)
Mike White Western Ky. - 236.4 (No. 58) 251.0 (No. 39) 121.6 (No. 88)
Logan Woodside Toledo 11 (No. 29) 326.6 (No. 12) 327.0 (No. 3) 163.4 (No. 14)

Before I dive into any of this, why is Josh Rosen even listed as a candidate? The UCLA quarterback is a true junior, as he has not redshirted any of his three seasons with the Bruins.

As you can see there, Grier is every bit as deserving as being named a Golden Arm Award Finalist as everyone else on that list. It’s easy to see that Grier, statistically, is performing better than multiple other signal callers on that list. Specifically, you’ll never be able to convince me that David Blough or Nick Fitzgerald should get the nod over Grier. Both are redshirt juniors whose respective teams are currently sitting on a 3-2 record this season, as are the Mountaineers. There’s not a single thing that I can see that would justify Blough or Fitzgerald being on this list over Will Grier.

Is Grier’s previous NCAA suspension playing a role in the snub? Logically, it shouldn’t. Grier remained enrolled in school and was a part of the West Virginia football program during that time. He is on schedule to graduate with his class, which is the other little caveat the Golden Arm Foundation threw into the requirements.

If anyone can give me justification for Grier being snubbed on this award list, please do so. Until then, you’re not going to convince me that he’s not deserving, or that being left off the list isn’t just more disrespect for Grier and the West Virginia football program.