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West Virginia Thread Alert: Mountaineers Will Stripe the Uniforms and the Stadium

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As West Virginia takes on #24 Texas Tech, they will wear their version of “Stripe the Mountaineers”

BYU v West Virginia Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Date: October 14, 2017

Opponent: Texas Tech Red Raiders

Threads: Blue Helmets - Old Gold Jerseys - Blue Pants

Record in Uniform: 2-2

As West Virginia heads home for the first time in nearly a month, they will wear one of the more common one-offs of their uniform sets. Since moving to the Big 12, West Virginia University has held a “Stripe the Stadium” event for the first home Big 12 Conference game. Consider this uniform combination “Stripe the Mountaineer”.

WVU first debuted this combination against Towson in 2014. The Towson game is notable as it was the first collegiate game for William Crest. Crest was 3-of-4 passing for 7 yards while rushing 5 times for 28 yards and a touchdown.

The MountainDana’s wore the combination again against Texas A&M in the Liberty Bowl. During the bowl game, student assistant Michael Richardson struck two different Mountaineer players.

West Virginia wore the combination once in 2015, against Oklahoma in a 33-26 overtime loss that saw the Mountaineers claw their way out of a 17-2 hole at halftime to tie the game at 26 at the end of regulation. JW Walsh’s 2 yard touchdown run was the difference in the game.

Last year, the ‘Eers wore the combination against BYU. West Virginia never trailed but failed to put away the Cougars as they fought and clawed their way against a tough WVU defense. Rasul Douglas jump started his All-Conference season by picking off BYU quarterback Taysum Hill and returning it for a touchdown. The interception was one of three interceptions by the defense that day, including an Maurice Fleming interception at the end of the game to give WVU the win.