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The Smoking Musket Podcast: Texas A&M and Iowa State Basketball Preview

Bart and John look back at another WVU win over Kansas in the Coliseum, but also discuss which WVU is the real one.


Episode Info [100:06]:

This week, Bart and John have one long, uncomfortable discussion about WVU basketball.

Part 1:

  • Bart explains why the national rifle rankings are weird,
  • John has to talk about the loss against Kansas State, and
  • The duo relives the awesome night that was the win over Kansas at home.

Part 2 [54:15]:

  • John tells us all he knows about College Station, Texas,
  • The guys talk about how hard it is to win in Hilton Coliseum, and
  • John shares his disdain for Aaron Rodgers while Bart gets nervous for the Super

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