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Matthew McConaughey drew inspiration from West Virginia’s Dana Holgorsen for new movie

Alright, alright, alright.

“Gold”, starring Matthew McConaughey, opens in theaters on Friday

If you’re heading out to see the newest Matthew McConaughey movie this weekend, you may notice the box office star rocking a familiar hairstyle, and it isn’t just a coincidence.

McConaughey revealed the secret behind his character’s ‘do on Monday in an interview with Joe Gross, of the Austin-American Statesman.

“My dad was always around a lot of guys who looked like Kenny. They were great consumers of life — whatever they could eat, drink, smoke, kiss and slobber on, they did it. But you know where it really came from? I haven’t told anyone else this. I went to the hair lady, said, ‘It’s this guy’s hair,’ and handed her a picture of Dana Holgorsen,” McConaughey said, laughing uproariously.

We pointed out the similarity in The Shotgun/Throwdown back when the first trailer for “Gold” was released, but knowing the A-list’er actually based his character’s skullet off of the Skullet King makes it even better.

McConaughey and West Virginia seem to keep bumping into each other an awful lot. He’s a devoted Texas Longhorns fan and is usually on the sidelines or in one of the boxes when the Mountaineers make the trip to Austin. McConaughey also portrayed former Marshall University head coach Jack Lengyel in 2006’s “We Are Marshall”, which, despite who the movie was about, was a fantastic movie that every college football fan should have in their collection.

While we are sure McConaughey is great in “Gold”, we here at The Smoking Musket are more excited to see this version.