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This Week In Morgantown: A former WVU student pays tribute to Harambe with a beautiful song

Rest easy, friend.

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It’s Friday. You’ve worked a long week. We all have. It’s 5:00. Quittin’ time. It’s time to get ready for the weekend. Kick back. Relax. Unwind. Have some fun.

That’s the goal of This Week In Morgantown. I want to give you something fun to help start your weekend. We all know Motown can get a little crazy (ok, that’s an understatement), so every Friday I’m going to scour the Internet to find the most absurd thing coming out of Morgantown from the week and share it with you.

I toyed with the idea back in the Spring when a brawl erupted in Casa D’Amici and one man couldn’t be drawn away from his slice of pizza long enough to even care about what was going on around him. I mean, Casa is delicious so I totally understand where he was at in that moment. But this week sealed the deal. This Week In Morgantown had to become a weekly feature.

Today, I bring you a beautiful rendition of Brad Paisley’s "When I Get Where I’m Going" by former West Virginia University student, and viral sensation, Caleb Francis. Caleb, best known for his "YeeHaw Chew" videos which have surpassed 1.5 million views, wrote the most moving tribute to the late Harambe that I’ve heard yet. Brad Paisley is performing in Morgantown tonight, and we'd love to hear him sing this version of his hit.

Without further ado:

Thank you, Caleb. And thank you, Harambe, for the joy you brought to this world.

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