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West Virginia Football Thread Alert: Mountaineers Go Old School

The fans have been clamoring for the school known for wearing the Old Gold and Blue to actually wear it. They will finally get their wish.

Chad Johnston

Rivals columnist Keenan Cummings has suggested that the West Virginia Mountaineers may finally wear the color combination fans have been clamoring for. The single most classic look of West Virginia football is blue helmets, blue jerseys and gold pants.

Since switching to the newest iteration of uniform concepts, which include matte helmets and redesigned numbers to resemble coal miner pickaxes, just to name a few changes, the Mountaineers have only worn the classic color combination once: against Texas Tech in 2013.

You may not remember that game. I certainly tried to purge most of 2013 from my memory. In the 2013 game against Texas Tech, Kliff Kingsbury had the Red Raiders flying high with a 6-0 start. The Red Raiders stormed ahead with a 13-3 lead but Mountaineers, led by Clint Trickett fought their way back to a 27-16 lead late in the third quarter. Dreamius Smith had two rushing touchdowns and future first-round selection Kevin White had 5 grabs for 77 yards.