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WVU WR Makes SportsCenter Top 10 Catch

Freshman Druw Bowen made a spectacular one-handed catch in the end zone and SportsCenter named it the #9 play of the day.

Make it two for two for West Virginia University. First the men’s soccer team was mentioned on SportsCenter as senior midfielder Griffin Libhart backheeled a score for his first career goal. Yesterday during practice, walk-on freshman Druw Bowen turned in an amazing one handed grab.

Going against #5, Druw runs the corner fade into the endzone. The ball is slightly underthrown and behind the cornerback. That didn’t stop Druw who reached out his left hand and snugly caught the ball one-handed, much like superstar Odell Beckham Jr of the New York Giants.

Word quickly got around and ESPN’s flagship program, SportsCenter, made the catch their #9 play in their #SCTop10.

Even Deadspin got into the action.

This catch is even more impressive than the recent highlight catch by Ohio State wide receiver Noah Brown, who made a great catch against the Oklahoma Sooners last Saturday. It rivals the one-handed catch made by Shelton Gibson during camp in August.