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What I Think About College Football During WVU Bye Weeks

The bye week gave me the opportunity to watch even more college football which got me thinking.....

NCAA Football: Youngstown State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

I think #ESP

Watching the Panthers lose, to Oklahoma State was wonderful. Anytime the Panthers are is the losing column, is a wonderful day. Watching Mason Rudolph throw all over the Panthers made me want to play Pitt even more, because I’m sure WVU would decimate them.

I think no one in the Big 12 scares me

I keep trying to watch the other teams and think “Ok, there is no way WVU beats this team” but no one in the Big 12 is perfect. Kansas and Iowa State are downtrodden. Texas and Texas Tech have defenses which have allowed opposing offenses to march up and down the field, despite prolific offenses. Oklahoma can kiss its playoff hopes goodbye and likely any chance of winning the Big 12. Oklahoma State can’t run the ball or stop the run, while Kansas State can’t generate anything offensively. This just might be the year for WVU.

I think the AP voters are complete idiots

I know I shouldn’t care because we all know the votes don’t matter, but they do. I know the votes will eventually come but its nice not having to break through the brick wall halfway through the season. The playoff committee is influenced by the number that precedes teams. Not only that, but the fact is I really liked it when Gameday visited Morgantown. They don’t visit Morgantown for an unranked West Virginia team.

I think anyone who drops the ball before the goalline owes Dana pushups

Joe Mixon got away with it. So did Cal’s Vic Enwere. Both were ruled touchdowns in part because the other team (Ohio State and Texas) did not immediately jump on the ball. If you are a West Virginia player, run through the endzone before you let go of the ball. In fact, don’t even let go of the ball. Go hand it to the official so there is absolutely, 100% no chance of it being called back. If you are the defense, jump on every loose ball like it’s a 1.6 Billion dollar winning lottery ticket. Act like its the most prized possession in the world.

I think its really cool to hear former Mountaineer Insider Jeff Culhane on ESPN

If you missed it, during ESPN’s Sportcenter and College Gameday Final, they cut to Jeff’s call of the game-winning field goal against Iowa. North Dakota State is a top-level FCS team and very dangerous as their six-game winning streak against FBS teams can attest to. Hearing our former guy, Jeff Culhane, get to make one of the most exciting calls in football on national tv was pretty cool.