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Mountaineers Still Outside of Top 25 in Both Polls

The Mountaineers have lots of ground to make up if they want to be ranked again.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Rank AP USA Today
1 Alabama (56) Alabama (62)
2 Florida State (4) Florida State (1)
3 Ohio State Clemson (1)
4 Michigan (1) Ohio State(1)
5 Clemson Michigan
6 Houston Stanford
7 Stanford Houston
8 Washington Michigan State
9 Wisconsin Washington
10 Louisville Louisville
11 Texas Iowa
12 Michigan State Wisconsin
13 Iowa Georgia
14 Oklahoma Oklahoma
15 Tennessee Tennessee
16 Georgia Texas
17 Texas A&M Ole Miss
18 Notre Dame Notre Dame
19 Ole Miss Baylor
20 LSU Texas A&M
21 Baylor Oregon
22 Oregon LSU
23 Florida Florida
24 Arkansas Arkansas
25 Miami Miami
Others Receiving Votes Utah 62, TCU 62, San Diego St 51, Pittsburgh 39, Oklahoma State 22, Nebraska 11, North Carolina 10, Auburn 7, Central Michigan 4, Colorado 2, Arizona State  1, Cincinnati 1 TCU 110, North Carolina 56, Utah 52, Nebraska 47, UCLA 42, Boise State 37, Oklahoma State 29, San Diego State 27, Pittsburgh 25, Auburn 15, South Florida 12, West Virginia 9, Navy 8, Arizona State 7, Appy State 3, Colorado 2, Georgia Southern 2, Marshall 1, Western Kentucky 1, Minnesota 1, Central Michigan 1, Toledo 1, Western Michigan 1

Despite winning again this week, the Mountaineers have dropped from "Others Receiving Votes" in the AP Poll. They gained a vote in the Coaches Poll to total 9. Both TCU and Oklahoma State dropped out of the Top 25 following losses. You would expect coaches to understand that Oklahoma State didn't actually lose the game but that didn't happen.

Alabama remains the #1 team in the land but this week may provide a chance to see the current dyansty lose as they travel to Oxford, Mississippi to take on Chad Kelly and the Ole Miss Rebels. Ole Miss has beaten the Tide in consecutive seasons.

Texas remains the highest ranked Big 12 team in the AP Poll. Oklahoma is the highest ranked in the USA Today poll. In both polls, the Big 12 has three ranked teams: Texas, Oklahoma and Baylor, not the other undefeated Big 12 team, West Virginia