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2016 West Virginia Football Position Previews: Wide Receivers

We're two days away from seeing one of the best wide receiver units in the Big 12.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Much like the other units, the Mountaineer wide receivers are stacked with amazing starters but overall may lack depth. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed during the season and hope nothing bad happens.

Leading the Mountaineers out wide is Shelton Gibson. Gibson had 37 receptions for 887 yards last season for WVU. In case you’re a freshman at WVU and didn’t really watch us or if you were living under a rock last year, our man DougityDog has some of Gibson’s highlights.

Also, Odell Beckham Jr. seem's to approve of Gibson's play making.

Opposite Gibson out wide is Ka'Ruan White. White, who saw limited action last year, still managed to get 275 receiving yard for the season. White didn't really get his opportunity to shine until the Cactus Bowl, where he had four receptions for 116 yards including this 53-yard gem early in the game.

Gary Jennings, another player out wide for the Mountaineers this season, is coming off an impressive freshman season. Jennings, between receptions and punt returns, totaled 233 all-purpose yards. His most impressive game, much like most of WVU's receivers came in the Cactus Bowl when he caught this 64-yard TD catch.

On the inside, WVU's got Jovon Durante and Dakiel Shorts Jr. Durante, following in the footsteps of other Miramar Patriots Geno Smith and Stedman Bailey, became, as someone predicted, another big play maker for WVU. Durante proved this four minutes into the Georgia Southern game last year.

Shorts, another one of WVU's solid receivers, had 45 receptions for 528 yards last season including this unforgettable recovery off of Gibson in the Cactus Bowl.

Starting at tight end is freshman and Morgantown-native Stone Wolfley. Wolfley was redshirted last season, but has plenty of highlights from his time at Morgantown High including this gem from his junior season.

It is pretty clear. As long as WVU's starters stay healthy, they should be very dominant through the air.