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The Pride Of West Virginia Marching Band Forced To Change Pre-Game Routine

The West Virginia University Mountaineers Marching Band has been told by the Big 12 Conference it needs to shorten it's pre-game routine by two-and-a-half minutes.

West Virginia University

The Pride of West Virginia Marching Band has been notified by The Big 12 Conference that its pre-game routine needs to be shortened to better suit the conferences rule that both teams have until 20 minutes before kickoff to warm up on the field.

This seems better suited coming from a satirical new site like The Onion. Unfortunately, it's coming from the Big 12 Conference Head Quarters in Irving, Texas.

The deeply traditional and widely revered West Virginia University Band pre-game routine cuts into that Big 12 rule by two-and-a-half minutes. Or 150 seconds.

It hasn't been altered in 40 years. The Pride's directors have made the necessary adjustments as of today.

The College Marching, a site about college marching bands, broke the story today and has yet to hear back from the conference about the newfound issue.

WVU has been in the Big 12 since July of 2012 and the issue was never noted by the Big 12 to The Pride of West Virginia and its directors. The issue was brought up just four days away from their season opening performance when the Mountaineer football team takes on the Missouri Tigers.


So, no major changes are coming to the pregame show, but the Big 12 did feel the need to tinker with a 40 year old tradition.