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2016 College Football Schedule Wallpapers Get A /r/CFB Twist

/r/CFB came through with another gold mine of content with these 2016 schedule wallpapers

Depending on who you ask, Reddit is either a terrible, dark corner of the Internet or a gold mine of great content. Today, I’d be inclined to lean toward the latter. /r/CFB user infinitempg has produced 2016 schedule wallpapers for every FBS college football team, and some of them are simply fantastic. I'm particularly fond of his work for the Kansas Jayhawks.

infinitempg put in a little extra work on West Virginia, creating two different wallpapers for the Mountaineers.

/r/CFB Schedule Wallpaper 1

/r/CFB Schedule Wallpaper 2

You can download the full-size wallpapers by following the links on infinitempg's post on /r/CFB.