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West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen made his debut on The Weather Channel Thursday morning

I’m not exactly sure why it's happening, BUT I LIKE IT!

TCU v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen is set to make his Weather Channel debut Thursday morning, and we aren’t exactly sure why it's happening. Holgorsen will appear with superstar meteorologist, and all-around badass, Jim Cantore.

I do have a couple wild theories, and I'd like to imagine one of these will hit the nail on the head.

First, this may be Dana’s way of setting himself up for a nice career after coaching. Maybe if things go south this season, Holgorsen will cut his losses and become an extreme storm chaser. Dana is a thrill-seeker, for sure, and what better career for one than chasing EF5 tornados across the plains?

Or perhaps The Weather Channel has taken notice of how much money college football generates, and they've made moves to become the home of the Big 12 Network that ESPN and Fox have passed on. Maybe Jim Cantore is set to be the host of Big 12 GameDay and Holgorsen is going to be there tomorrow to help break the news. I mean, Cantore does a lot of work in Oklahoma and the other Big 12 states. It just makes sense.

Or finally, Jim Cantore is a huge West Virginia fan and jumped at the chance to have Dana on to talk Mountaineer football. Regardless, I will be watching in the morning to see if one of these theories come to fruition.


In case you missed it, Dana appeared on The Weather Channel’s AMHQ to discuss West Virginia University’s contributions to flood relief efforts throughout the state.

Personally, I’m still holding on to hope that after his coaching career is over, which hopefully won’t be anytime soon, Dana becomes an extreme storm chaser and gets his own show on The Weather Channel.