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The Big 12 Conference approves the return of a football conference championship game starting in 2017

You knew this was coming. This is what everyone wants and the Big 12 is here to make you happy. Coming in 2017, a Big 12 title game.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Now, you're going to read a lot about how the Big 12 Championship Game used to hurt the better team. Like in 1996 when an unranked Texas team beat #3 Nebraska 37-27, or the time two years later when #10 Texas A&M beat #2 Kansas State, or when in 2001 #9 Colorado beat #3 Texas. Or that time in 2003 when #13 Kansas State beat #1 Oklahoma. (Sorry Sooner bros. #StillBesties)

But given that the Baker Mayfield rule barely passed 7-3, I'm sure someone was against this, right? I mean I'm sure Texas was mad at Oklahoma and said, no way! Or Baylor, to be salty just said "we're saying no to everything!" Right?

Whoa! Unanimous. I'm excited, Dana's excited, even Skyler is excited.

Howard Bow and Arrow

But this is the Big 12, where nothing is unpossible. We've had one true champion* (*to be decided by the playoff committee until they didn't and then we did the smart thing and used tie-breakers).

Come on Mike, you know better than to paint yourself into a corner like that. This is the Big 12 we're talking about, a conference that has its own ref parody account.

Like I said, don't paint yourself into a corner Mike. You knew this was coming. So to recap:

  • We're getting a title game because "Under the "best of scenarios" a Big 12 title game gave the Big 12 a 14 percent upgrade in odds of making the CFP.
  • We're splitting into division and are still going to play everybody. But the division winners matter. Meaning only 4 of your conference games matter. Bill C. do you have something to say?

  • And to top it off, we're now stuck with an even HARDER route to the playoffs. NINE conference games, plus a title game, plus the requirement to schedule at least one Power 5 non-conference opponent. We're going to play 11 Power 5 teams out of 13 games.