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The Smoking Musket User's Guide: Community Rules

We don't ask a lot, but there are a few rules to follow on The Smoking Musket.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, and welcome to The Smoking Musket. Here are a few things to take to heart before diving in and participating: West Virginia fans are a passionate group. We come from all political, ethnic, spiritual, and social backgrounds. One simple rule: pay it forward. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and take part in the conversation as long as they can do so in a constructive manner.

We're here to talk the West Virginia Mountaineers and college sports in general. We understand current events and pop culture references are bound to find their way into some stories and articles, but certain takes on sex, politics, and/or religion are virtually never permissible. Blatantly offensive comments will be deleted and subject the author to banning with extreme prejudice and/or a public shaming.

If you have questions, complaints, suggestions, or feedback otherwise about any The Smoking Musket policy, please email us.

And as always,

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