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West Virginia Football: Top Ten Plays Of 2015 - The Almosts

The Smoking Musket countdown of the top ten plays of the 2015 season is drawing to a close. Before we reveal the number one play of the season, here is a list of the plays that almost, but didn't, make the top ten.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

We've seen some of the best touchdowns of the season, from Shelton Gibson burning Maryland cornerback William Likely and Jovon Durante scoring his first touchdown of the season on the second pass of the season. There have also been a few defensive highlights including Jared Barber getting retribution on Texas with a fumble recovery for a touchdown and Karl Joseph dominating the third quarter against Georgia Southern. Take a look at the plays below at some of the other plays from the 2015 season that almost made our top ten.

Honorable Mentions:

Nick O'Toole, in the third quarter against Maryland, pulls off the fake punt. Taking the snap at his own 37, Nick scrambles all the way to the Maryland to pick up a first down.

During the Oklahoma State game, fans inside Milan-Puskar Stadium picked up their cellphones, turned on their flashlights and created an amazing visual atmosphere. Many of the fans who were at the game talked about just how cool this visual was. Even players noticed the fans doing something special and unique.

The Cactus Bowl contained so many plays that it really could have been its own top ten. This play just missed making our top ten because so many other special plays happened during the game. During the first quarter, Skyler Howard fired a pass to Shelton Gibson who was demolished by Arizona State cornerback Chad Adams. The ball ricocheted off  linebacker Salamo Fiso, hung in the air while Shorts made a spectacular diving catch.

Senior safety KJ Dillon picks off Iowa State. AS soon as I saw this play, I had deja vu to 2014 when KJ picked off the same pass in the same place against Texas Tech.

The last two plays that almost made our list are by sophomore safety Dravon Askew-Henry. Henry has been known as a free safety more than the physical strong safety. Dravon proves that the upcoming 2016 may see a more physical presence in the Mountaineer secondary as he was able to diagnose a run-option play against Iowa State and close with a physicality to stop a third down. Against Arizona State, Dravon completely leveled a receiver in the open, proving the Mountaineers will not be pushovers, even without Karl Joseph.

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