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West Virginia's Terrell Chestnut Says Goodbye To The Mountaineer Faithful

Terrell Chestnut took to Twitter to post a heartfelt message to the Mountaineer faithful.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Mountaineer cornerback Terrell Chestnut took to Twitter on Thursday to let the West Virginia fans know just how much his time in Morgantown meant to him. Terrell was a true gamer for the Mountaineers fighting through shoulder injuries during his career. Terrell was often lost in the shuffle to playmakers like Karl Joseph, Daryl Worley and KJ Dillon, all of whom are expected to hear their names called at some point during the upcoming NFL Draft. That doesn't diminish Chestnut's contributions to the team as he was able to break up 9 passes in 2015 and pick off three passes, including a 32-yard pick-six against Kansas.

The most memorable play by Chestnut just may be effort play he made against Maryland. Maryland running back Brandon Ross broke free and raced down the sideline for what looked like a sure-fire touchdown. Chestnut raced from the other side of the field to tackle Ross around the 3-yard line. This effort caused Ross to fumble the ball before his knee touched. The ball rolled out of the endzone for a touchback instead of a Maryland touchdown.