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Mountaineer March Madness Drinking Game

Since the first WVU tournament game is a Friday night game there will be no annoying bosses or workplaces rules keeping you from enjoying the game with your bros and some beverages. Take advantage.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Directions: Split the people you are watching the game into two teams. The Gold Team and the Blue Team.

1. Every time the commentators compare Jaysean Paige to Vinnie "the microwave" Johnson the Gold Team takes one drink.

2. Every time the commentators call WVU "relentless" everyone takes one drink.

3. Every time the commentators talk about Jonathan Holton's wingspan the Blue Team takes one drink.

4. Every time Adrian is referred to as the "hometown kid" or some derivation of that the Gold Team takes one drink.

5. Every time Bob Huggins is mentioned as the third winningest active coach the Blue Team takes one drink.

6. Every time "Press Virginia" is said or seen on screen the Gold Team takes one drink.

7. Drink for three seconds every time WVU misses a free throw.

8. Every time Bob Huggins attire is mentioned everyone takes one drink.

9. Every time the other team turns the ball over the Blue Team takes one drink.

10. At the end of the each half, and any overtime, finish whatever drink is in your hand.

Yes you will be drunk, but singing country roads inebriated is more fun anyway!