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Report: West Virginia Receivers Coach Lonnie Galloway Leaving To Be Co-Offensive Coordinator At Louisville

This is just great.

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Late Sunday night, WVU beat writer Mike Casazza tweeted out the following:

This comes on the heels of the announcement of a two year extension on his contract at WVU just a week ago. It's obviously a step up for Galloway and we're happy for him in that regard. But, but, BUT...this leaves a HUGE hole on the WVU offensive staff as Galloway was responsible for turning out receivers as NFL talent IN ADDITION TO getting them to come to WVU in the first place. Do not discount the hit this makes on the recruiting front.

Fingers are already being pointed at AD Shane Lyons by the fans on Twitter and there are even more in the vocal opposition group to Holgorsen that will say this is his own making. Here's a voice of reason on that very topic:

Regardless, as Kirch said on our Twitter shortly after the news broke, "Short of Gibby, losing Lonnie Galloway is the biggest haymaker this staff could take." With spring practice under way, Holgorsen must now scramble to fill one of the most integral positions on his staff in a hurry.

We will provide updates as soon as they are available on this developing story.

And to Louisville, of all places. DAMN.


This is encouraging: