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West Virginia Legend Jerry West Gets Standing Ovation From President Barack Obama

WVU legend Jerry West got a standing ovation from President Obama at the White House yesterday while the Warriors were celebrating their NBA Championship.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors made a trip to the White House to get recognized by President Barack Obama for their 2014-2015 NBA Championship. The NBA logo and 1960 graduate of West Virginia University, Jerry West, got a special standing ovation from the President and media in attendance.

While talking about the Golden State Warriors and their incredible accomplishment last season, President Obama took a moment to recognize Jerry West with some really strong words.

"I also want to recognize Warrior Executive Board member and NBA legend. One of the greatest of all time, the logo, Jerry West," said President Obama before turning around and clapping in recognition of Jerry West. The President could even be heard saying what appeared to be, "He's worth a standing ovation," off the mic.

West, as humble as he is, stood there in appreciation and could be seen mouthing, "thank you," with a quick wave and a nod of the head.

West, a Chelyan, West Virginia native, played four seasons at WVU from 1956-1960 after 60 colleges around the country expressed interest in him.

Jerry currently holds 12 WVU records and has a mind blowing pedigree as an NBA player that includes a 1972 NBA Championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.

As an NBA Executive he has won seven NBA titles and has been named NBA Executive of the Year twice.

Ultimately, Jerry West may be best known for his silhouette being incorporated into the NBA logo since 1969. He has even stated he wouldn't mind seeing Michael Jordan's silhouette being incorporated into the logo.