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West Virginia vs Iowa State Basketball Preview & How To Watch: Mountaineers Travel To Ames for Riot Ball


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Game Preview

So Huggs wasn't exactly happy after the Florida game:

There is no denying that West Virginia is in a funk right now and Jonathan Holton couldn't have chosen a worse time to be suspended. These next few games (@ISU, Baylor, @Kansas) could make or break the season and the Mountaineers are a shell of their December selves. Perhaps it would be worth really digging into the stats and seeing the numerical differences since the @OU game, but I don't think I hate myself enough for that quite yet.

Iowa State, however, could drive me to it. You would have thought the Cyclones would have had a rough year with The Mayor leaving for the Chicago Bulls.... and you would have been wrong. Steve Prohn has kept ISU in the conference title hunt relying on none other than 18th year starter Georges Niang (19.0pts/6.3rebs.) In fact, the Cyclones mostly stay within a very experienced six players for most of the game, something WVU would consider an advantage. However, seeing this game is in Ames and that the Mountaineers have never beaten ISU in Hilton Coliseum, I don't see it happening this time either. Maybe with Holton, but certainly not without him.


WVU 64 - Iowa State 72