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West Virginia vs. Oklahoma Basketball Preview & How To Watch: NEWS FLASH: EERS LOOK TO RESPOND TO KU BLITZ

#10 WVU look took keep pace with the conference leaders as they host Buddy Hield and the Oklahoma Sooners in Morgantown Saturday at 4pm on ESPN.

Game Day Vitals

Opponent Information

OU RPI 2016 II


After our boys lost ground in Austin, Tubby Smith unleashed a surprise attack on the exposed flank of the Oklahoma Sooners! This left the OU capital free for the ever-growing, dastardly threat of the Kansas Jayhawks to invade!

With the blitzing Jayhawks a full two games beyond the General Kruger's Sooners, Fuhrer Self has taken control of Norman and set ablaze the giant oil rig known as Stoops Tower! Now, only our boys are left to stop the evil Axis of Phog from claiming their 12th consecutive conference title. But who will lead us to victory over the godless Selfzis?


West Virginia 70 - Oklahoma 66