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In honor of the West Virginia women’s soccer team making it to the College Cup final, let’s take a look at some memorable WVU moments!

Let’s get nostalgic...

Soccer: Women's World Cup-Final-Japan at United States Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

West Virginia women’s soccer has a chance to do something unprecedented!

Let’s talk about the best and most memorable highlights in West Virginia University history.

(Feel free to add your own in the comments, I won’t possibly get them all. Bonus points for videos)

Let’s start with football:

Major. The Play. Enough Said. We beat Penn State.

Robert Walker beat The U, y’all. We went on to beat BC. Let’s not talk about the Sugar Bowl.

Grant Wiley was a consensus All-American for WVU. Brian King was not. This two play highlight happened on a Thursday night and was incredible.

Famous Amos is a Mountaineer Legend, and he took his first collegiate carry to the house, against Pitt. Hero.

Quincy doesn’t need an introduction, really. He beat Vince Wilfork and Sean Taylor. He trucked Sean Taylor. Those are two of the best pros of their generation. Damn.

This one is ridiculous. This one is Pat White breaking out and going ahead against Louisville. He didn’t start this one, but he finished it. This is the go ahead TD, cus there are a lot of TD’s from this one I could put in here.

Now Basketball:

Jerrod West beats Bob Huggins.

Da, really. Da. The best player in modern WVU history.


One last one- cus WVU is a special place with special people.

Let’s celebrate our kids. Bobby does; and we have a very special woman playing for WVU. Win or lose, Kadeisha Buchanan, and all of her teammates deserve every accolade they will and have been given. Men’s football and basketball get more praise, more attention, and more scrutiny, but many men and women pour their hearts out for WVU on a daily basis, sometimes we have to remember them, too. Please share your other memories in the comments. (again, videos = bonus points).