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Smoking Musket College Pick 'Em Gauntlet Week 13 Results And Baylor Predictions

Last week of the season. Your picks count now more than ever. Get them in before Noon on Saturday if you want a shot at the WVU Nike t-shirt. Also, we try to predict the outcome of West Virginia's matchup one last time.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Smoking Musket Pick ‘Em Gauntlet is an online college pick ‘em game where we will try to pick the winners of the weekly Big 12 contests plus Yahoo! editors' selected games (usually the games involving the top 25 teams). We do pick against the spread (when available). There are usually 20-30 games to pick each week and each correct pick is worth one point. The winner (excluding Musket staff) will be the person at the end of the regular season who has the most correct picks/points. Points are cumulative, so don't worry if you happen to miss a week or two. We will award the winner a WVU Nike T-shirt at the conclusion of the games in December.

All participants are subject to the Official Rules as determined by SB Nation.

We actually filled the first group, so we had to open a second league to fit everyone in. The second league will serve solely as an extension of the first league, and is not a standalone league. If you are in the second league, you are still competing with those in the first league.

Our game, as in the past, will be hosted by Yahoo! Fantasy. GAME LINK

Group Name: The Smoking Musket II

Group ID: 10963

Group password: LetsGo

We have 14 games to pick this week, starting at Noon ET on Saturday (we disqualified Friday's games because I am late posting the article. Sorry, y'all). Deadline for each pick is 5 minutes before kickoff.

Here are the leaders after week 13. Congratulations to AKuhlJr for winning week 13 (all you win for this is kudos). But with that dominating week, AKuhlJr charged into the #1 spot, tied with JCH.

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 AKuhlJr 164 164-135
2 JCH 164 164-135
3 RamJet 163 163-136
4 Coal Powers America 163 163-136
5 Ollie's Mom 163 163-136
6 79'er 163 163-136
7 RockyMtMountaineer 162 162-137
8 mtnman 159 159-140
9 HolgorBull 159 159-140

We haven't had the best record, on the whole, this season. But we've had a few really close predictions, and some that were way, way off. Let's see if we can nail it this week.


WVU's offense repeats its feats from the ISU game, and the defense plays lights out. WVU gets revenge for last year's blowout, finishes the season with 10 wins, and Howard gets a standing ovation when Chugnov replaces him in garbage time. After the game an extension for Dana is announced, and later WVU is invited to play against Pitt in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

Final Score:
West Virginia 63
Baylor 14


I might be more interested in the pregame introductions than the actual game. Unboolievable, right?

Final Score:
West Virginia 35
Baylor 17


Skyler Howard finishes the game with 400 yards passing, 4 passing touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns. Petteway and McCoy combine for 200 yards rushing and 2 scores. Players open Danas red bull fridge and celebrate by dumping red bull all over the head coach who breaks a headset for old times sake.

Final Score:
West Virginia 65
Baylor 18


Skyler hits a few long balls to Shelton and Petteway continues to show why he's the real deal. Gibby unchains and let's the DAWGS eat and this one is a laugher. 10 Win Achievement is unlocked.

Final Score:
West Virginia 52
Baylor 17

Robert Hurst

Baylor's on tilt. Have to hammer them. Team looks focused despite many injury issues. Dana rocks his way to a well deserved extension and a 10 win regular season.

Final Score:
West Virginia 59
Baylor 13

John Radcliff

My expectation is that all the seniors get a huge standing ovation before and after the game, topped off with Country Roads.

Final Score:
West Virginia 42
Baylor 10

Patrick Southern

West Virginia seems motivated to get to that 10-win benchmark. Baylor looks like a team simply playing out the string on what has been a miserable few months in Waco. This should not be close.

Final Score:
West Virginia 37
Baylor 21

Will Hirsch

Skyler throws for another 300+ yards game and Petteway runs for 150 yards. The Mountaineers end their season 10-2 which surprises everyone while Baylor rides to the sunset of mediocrity. Baylor and its football program is everything that's wrong with America.

Final Score:
West Virginia 47
Baylor 20


WVU holds Baylor to its lowest point total of the season by forcing two more turnovers than Skyler Howard commits on Senior Day. Also, we have two RBs with more than 90 yards.

Final Score:
West Virginia 45
Baylor 20

Robert Hurst

It's not the eye-popping beat-down we'd all like, but it's a solid win all the same. Skyler gets a surprisingly nice send-off in the pregame ceremony that he said he could do without, throws for 250 and 3 scores, runs for another and has nice pregame comments. Everybody hugs and makes up. Everybody looks around and realizes that WVU has just won 10 games for just the 10th time in 125 years and Major League style we all realize "hey these guys ain't so [flaking] bad." Seriously though, this will be the most underappreciated 10 game winner any of us could ever conceive of. In the Big 12 no less. These are good times. Enjoy it.

Final Score:
West Virginia 39
Baylor 21

Michael Miller

I said it on this week's podcast, but the Mountaineers will pants Baylor bad enough to win the "Battle to Pants Baylor" trophy. Sorry, Horned Frogs, Red Raiders and Wildcats. West Virginia is taking this one.

Martell Pettaway has another big game. Skyler Howard proves his doubters wrong as he throws for 4 touchdowns and 350+ yards. Tony Gibson's defense looks outstanding again, and Rasul Douglas gets another pick six to add to his virtual trophy case.

Final Score:
West Virginia 52
Baylor 17