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Introducing The Smoking Musket’s West Virginia Restaurant Tournament

Time for y’all to get #MadOnline.

If you paid a modicum of attention to Twitter on Monday, you noticed the phenomenon that was the seeding release of the Smoking Musket’s West Virginia Restaurant Tournament.

This will be a 64-team field with four regions, and winners will be chosen by the combination of post polls and Twitter polls that will take place over 24 hour periods.

Why are we doing this, you may ask? Well, we have good food and I love to watch people get #MadOnline. Also we don’t have a game until Saturday, soooooo.

Without any further ado, let’s meet the field in case you’ve been living under a rock.

We’re going to start this out with one region per week with one round each day, starting today with the Drover’s Regional. Winners of each match up will be decided through a combination of a poll here on The Smoking Musket and a Twitter poll that will last 24 hours.

Let’s go ahead and meet our combatants in the Drover’s Regional bracket:

Game threads with polls will be put up in a story stream for civil discussion y’all to get mad online. The tournament begins today.

Let’s eat.