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The Smoking Musket Podcast: Interview with Mike Casazza, UVA BBall Recap, Baylor Review

Bart talks with Mike Casazza of the Charleston Gazette-Mail about Dana’s new contract, chats with John about WVU basketball’s win over UVA and invites Smitty back for shenanigans.

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Podcast Episode Info: [143:24]

Part 1 - Bart breaks down some headlines, including WVU women’s soccer NCAA championship run and an undefeated women’s basketball team. Then, Mike Casazza talks with Bart about the details of Dana Holgorsen’s contract extension.

Part 2 [34:50] - John comes on to discuss WVU basketball’s HUGE victory over Virginia.

Part 3 [71:14] - Smitty rejoins the podcast to talk about the win over Baylor, but that ends up being a long conversation of banter about things that may or may not relate to WVU football.

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