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What I Think About Kansas, Baylor and the Next Two Weeks

Saturday’s game went about as we thought but the conference did not.

NCAA Football: Kansas at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

I think Kansas has some pieces

Carter Stanley looked impressive during his brief time. Steven Sims Jr showcased speed during his time. So David Beatty has some pieces coming. The job he took over is an extremely tough one. For the conference, I hope Beatty can turn it around.

I think Dana left the starters in way too long

Personally, given that we play Texas, in Austin, at noon, next Saturday, I would pulled the guys earlier. At least let Chugs play the 4th quarter. Im sure Dana had his reasons and I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us next week.

I think Baylor is wrong

In case you missed it, some Baylor fans chose to honor, if that term is even correct, Art Briles on Saturday. Certain fans were selling CAB shirts outside the stadium. Then, someone hung a banner “#CAB” from a suite.

Look, this isn’t political, this is common sense. I’ve interacted with Baylor fans over the past 8-9 weeks when it looked like West Virginia and Baylor were destined for an 11-0 showdown in December. Even after our first loss, we interacted. The fans I interacted with at were fun, insightful and personable. The fans were are still clamoring for Art Briles, those were buying #CAB shirts and hanging #CAB banners are wrong.

I get how fans clamor for the coach that brought them to national prominence. Heck, look at how the West Virginia fanbase clamored for Bill Stewart as long as last year and all he did was win 27 games over 3 years. He “won” a Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma but little else. Baylor fans are clamoring for a coach who finally saw the team finish in the Top 25 for the first time in 25 years. But football isn’t everything and the things that went down at Baylor are more important and more critical than Art Briles. Here is what ODB had to say:

/Mic drop

I think the next two weeks are going to define our season

Saturday morning in Austin and whatever time the Sooners game is determined will be the test for the Mountaineers. If the Mountaineers can win the next two weeks, even if Oklahoma State runs the table and steals a Big 12 title from West Virginia, it will be the best season since 2007. If the Mountaineers lose the next two weeks, and that possibility is very real with the rushing attacks of Oklahoma and Texas, the team could finish 9-3. 9-3 is a very respectable and great season. It will feel like a disappointment but it will still be the best regular season since 2010 and will be the most wins in the Big 12 era. Let’s hope that the former scenario happens and not the latter.