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Staring Down the Musket at the Kansas Jayhawks

In a stunning upset, we’ve got a preview Q&A! Sorry, y’all.

West Virginia v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

It’s finally the season’s first #NightGameInMorgantown, and the town is electric for a big time showdown with the, um, Kansas Jayhawks. Oh. Well then. Carry on.

The always helpful Andy Mitts from Rock Chalk Talk joins me to preview tonight’s KU-West Virginia game.

Matt: This is year two for David Beauty. Obviously the results aren't there in terms of W-L, but have there been tangible signs of progress for the program?

Andy: The main expectation for Beaty at this point was to restock the roster, and the signs are there that he has been able to do that, from the pipeline that seems to have opened up in Louisiana to the multiple transfers from big name programs. The in-game decisions are frustrating right now, and ultimately that may lead to another coach being hired in the next 3 or 4 years, but for now, they aren't as important as getting back to a full complement of Big 12 caliber players.

Matt: Cozart’s going to get the start this weekend, is that a move that was supported by the fans?

Andy: *collective groan from the fanbase*

Cozart has been a source of frustration for most of the Jayhawk faithful. The consensus last year was that Ryan Willis had shown enough promise last season to earn the job over largely ineffective Cozart. Beaty apparently saw something in the spring and summer that he liked, but it definitely hasn't shown on the field.

Matt: If West Virginia has shown a defensive weakness this year, it’s an inability to stop a power running game. Do the Jayhawks bring any threat of that kind?

Andy: We have the running backs for it, but not really the offensive line. And throw in the fact that Beaty is running (or at least trying to run) the air raid, and the running game is fairly lacking.

Matt: How do you see this one shaking out?

Andy: No way I see Kansas winning. I can see the defense getting a big play in the first quarter and scoring some points, but there is no way they keep it close with no help from the offense. I'll say they get a safety on a blocked punt and a second half garbage time TD. West Virginia 59, Kansas 9

Matt: Larger number: point differential in this game or things your site's twitter account say are uncalled fouls in Morgantown in the winter?

Andy: Just against the Jayhawks? I have a hard time thinking there could be 50 uncalled fouls combined in a single game, especially given the new emphasis on contact near the restricted area. Over the course of the season, I'm sure we could get enough to cover a 50 point spread.