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Smoking Musket Tailgate Menu: Iowa State, featuring corn and Thanksgiving leftovers

As the Mountaineers travel to Ames, Iowa, for a Riot Bowl showdown and we all revive ourselves from the mid-week food coma, let’s utilize our leftovers and have some tailgating fun.

Kansas v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

I know most everyone is still in a food coma from Thursday, but we have another big meal to eat on Saturday! It’s the Riot Bowl, which means all By-Godders need to do our part in living up to our party school reputation. We can do this with great food, cheap beer and being lots of fun.

Even though we should plan to eat a whole lot of food on Saturday, we don’t need to slave away cooking. We’re going to use Thanksgiving leftovers to craft a menu for this Riot Bowl tailgate.

Pot Pie Soup

This particular soup was resounding hit at my tailgate for the OU game. The Paula Deen of tailgating brought it and everyone came back for more. The soup is basically exactly how it sounds, everything in a pot pie, but in soup version.

Chrissy Teigen, wife of music star John Legend and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, is the creator of this recipe, which uses chicken. Now, you are more than welcome to cook or buy a rotisserie chicken, but didn’t we just roast a turkey on Thursday? You’ll need a pound of poultry meat, plus all the veggies you like. Yes, you can follow the recipe exactly, but really, make sure you put in the soup what you want in a pot pie. As a plus, Iowa State’s mascot is a bird, so eating poultry is a slight dig at the Cyclones.

Pro tip: This can be made the day before and kept in a crock pot at the tailgate. However, make sure it is refrigerated overnight, as it has dairy


Dressed-Up Grilled Corn

You can’t have talk about Iowa food without immediately thinking of corn. From Field of Dreams to the fact that Iowa produces more corn than any other state, corn seems synonymous with Iowa. Honestly, I think there isn’t a better way to eat corn than straight off the cob. Because we’re tailgating, we’re going to grill it, but let’s kick it up a notch.

We are making a cilantro-lime butter and horseradish cheddar topping for grilled corn-on-the-cob. The grilled corn is really taken to another level with the fixins on it. Now, the recipe below gives two toppings, but I’m going to give you a quick-and-easy recipe for more toppings.

Take a stick of butter, two tablespoons of Cajun seasoning, a few dashes of tabasco sauce and a tablespoon of tomato juice or puree. Pulse this all together and let it mix. Now, this can be altered easily by taking whatever your favorite seasoning is (Old Bay, lemon pepper, taco seasoning, ranch) and mixing it with the butter.

Prepare the corn to grill and grill the corn as the recipe instructs. The recipe calls for eight ears of corn, which may not be enough for all your tailgate guests, but cut them in half after cooking to make more.

Pro tip: After you roll the corn in the toppings, wrap it back in the husks and cook for about 10-30 second, just to melt the topping into the corn.


Bacon Corn Dip

I read the name of this recipe and knew I’d love it. It’s really simple in that you can cook everything in one skillet and then scoop it into a tray.

Pro tip: Craft this in the shape and likeness of a football, with the corn as the leather and the bacon as the laces (a little backwards, I know).


Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is my father’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert. However, pecan pie is not the easiest dessert to make. Don’t be afraid to use store-bought pie, as it’s just as good as anything you’ll make and incredibly easier. Don’t forget the whipped topping!

Natural Light

This is an homage to our brother SB Nation site, Wide Right & Natty Light. It’s the Riot Bowl, which means it’s all about the party. Enjoy a few of these and share them with our Iowa State friends to make sure everyone is primed for the game. If you don’t shotgun at least one of these, then you’re not doing tailgating right.

The college football season is slowly coming to a close. Sadly, this means peak tailgate season is nearing its end as well, but it doesn’t mean we need to let up. This “rivalry” is about anything but hate. The Riot Bowl was created on the basis of friendly competition and celebration. Make sure we do the name proud!