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ESPN's Fran Fraschilla Compares Sagaba Konate To Current NBA All-Star

One of the brightest basketball minds in the media compared WVU freshman Sagaba Konate to a current Boston Celtic and NBA all-star.

247 Sports

This past week, ESPN basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla visited Morgantown for a coaching clinic hosted by West Virginia. Fraschilla did some teaching and also was able to check out the current version of the Mountaineers.

And one player especially stuck out to the analyst:

That's right, Fran Fraschilla called true freshman Sagaba Konate "a young Al Horford." In case you didn't know, Al Horford was a two-time national champion at the University of Florida and a four-time NBA All-Star.

There have been some rumblings around Morgantown that Konate has looked very impressive, and Fraschilla's take helps to confirm that.

Here are a few other things Fraschilla had to say about his trip:

Can we get the season started already?