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WVU Football Thread Alert: The Appalachian “Tigers” March Into Lubbock

Check out the latest uniforms the Mountaineers will wear when they take on Texas Tech this Saturday.

West Virginia v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

The #20 West Virginia Mountaineers will march into AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas to take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders wearing their gold-white-gold uniforms. This is personally one of my favorite “one-off” combinations that the Mountaineers wear. The first time the Mountaineers wore this combination was in 2014 against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. They also wore this combination last year against the Kansas Jayhawks.

Overall, the Mountaineers are 2-0 when wearing this combination and the defense has played spectacularly. Against the Cowboys in 2014, the Mountaineers held OSU to only two third down conversions in fifteen attempts. The Cowboys were also 1-of-5 on fourth down, meaning the defense gave up 3 conversions in 20 attempts against the normally high powered Cowboys.

Against Kansas last year, the Mountaineers pitched a shutout, their second of the season. Kansas also only converted 2-of-15 third downs and was 0-for-1 on 4th downs. Kansas only managed 209 yards of total offense against the senior-laden defense last year.

In eight quarters of football wearing this gold-white-gold uniform combination, the defense has allowed a first down on 5 of 33 critical downs (15%). The uniform combination mimics the LSU Tigers who have made it their trademark to play tough, fast and physical defense. So far the results show that the Mountaineers are able to play this way when wearing this uniform combination. The defense will need every bit of help they can get as they get ready to take on the #1 offense in the Big 12, the Texas Tech Red Raiders led by Patrick Mahomes.