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West Virginia vs Kansas State Basketball Preview & How To Watch: Mountaineers Look To Stay Top Of Big 12 Against K-State

The #9 West Virginia men's basketball team invites Bruce Weber's K-State Wildcats into the WVU Coliseum Tuesday evening.

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Game Day Vitals

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Game Preview

The tone of this preview would be much different if the West Virginia Mountaineers had not found a way to win in Lubbock. Make no mistake, however. West Virginia absolutely stole that game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders and anybody who had that +4 should sue the sports gods. I side on "Texas Tech choking" more than "WVU rightfully winning," but I think both sides of the argument are legitimate. Either way, someone should make one of those sports worshipping candles for Tarik Phillip and let that baby burn.... except not on Prospect Street. Y'all don't need any firestarters considering some of the scenes from this weekend look like a Frat Christmas card.

All digressions aside, there is an argument for going into Lubbock, Texas, and coming out with a win. The Mountaineers desperately needed something to go their way and a W is a W especially on the road. We'll take it.

The other side of this contest are Bruce Weber and the Kansas State Wildcats. The Purple Cats have had a rough time of it this year going 2-5 in the conference. Both of those wins came inside the Octagon of Doom against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, two teams already largely out of the conference title race. Not exactly a great resume for going to Morgantown, but the Longhorns didn't have that great of one either a week ago.

Two good things coming out of the Lil Apple are Wesley Iwundu (12.6pts/4.9rebs) and Barry Brown (9.0pts/2.6rebs.) I firmly believe Wesley Iwundu is a distant relative of Mace Windu and no one can disprove it to me. This would also explain how Bill Snyder has controlled his program for so long: force choking special teams fundamentals into every one of his walk-ons. It's all coming together. (Did I completely ignore Bruce Weber in this scenario? Yes. Why? Because Bruce Weber is forgettable.)


WVU 72  -  K-State 61