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West Virginia vs. Texas Basketball Preview & How To Watch: Shaka Khan

#6 WVU looks to get back to their winning ways as they invite Shaka Smart and the Texas Longhorns into the WVU Coliseum on Wednesday night at 7:00PM on ESPNU.

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Game Preview

While Saturday's result from Norman may still sting, West Virginia is still exactly where they want to be: First in the Big 12 Conference. Technically, they are tied for first with Baylor at 4-1, but that is still a huge accomplishment even for the month of January. I could go on and on about the achievements of these Mountaineers, but it certainly sounds like they remain both hungry and humble.

The Texas Longhorns, however, have had some bumps in the road. They had a strong non-conference slate and made decent hay out of it, but some academic scandal issues were circling the program for a while there (now closed), mid-season transfers are never a good thing, and Cameron Ridley going down during the UConn game back in December certainly doesn't help matters. The Longhorns have had some big home wins against North Carolina and Iowa State, but the 1-2 road record does not speak well for Shaka's squad especially when those two losses are Texas Tech and TCU.

The biggest weapons on the Texas Longhorn roster are their size and one Isaiah Taylor. Even with Ridley out until around March, UT stands as is one of the biggest rosters that West Virginia will see this year. That, combined with Taylor who is probably a All-Big 12 Second Team selection this year, makes Texas dangerous. Their play, however, is much more potent in Austin than anywhere that is not named Austin, so I'm taking the Mountaineers.


WVU 80  -  Texas 67