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Skyler Howard Goes Hollywood...We Hope

Do big things as the Mountaineer quarterback and you'll enjoy a Hollywood-like fame in the mountain state. And a little Hollywood would be really cool right now.

We love our Mountaineers and we especially love the guys that lead the way in good times. Just ask Bulger, White, Smith, Harris, Luck, Hostetler, etc. It's a nice place to be a legend. As with last year, we are entering the year with some questions questions at quarterback. Maybe not as much as last year, bust still questions.

Skyler Howard showed signs last year of being the man. He also showed that he hadn't fully developed into the quarterback we want him to be. Given the circumstances, though, it wasn't a bad first year in the Gold and Blue. However, for West Virginia to have the kind of season we all want, Howard is going to have to step up his game to get the Hollywood treatment.

game of throwns

Having already defeated the young usurpers, Howard must now lead this army of gold and blue warriors to victory and expand the kingdom. Aw hell, I couldn't tell you the first thing about Game of Thrones other than it takes place in medieval times and I really dig the Photoshop effect.

harry potter

Throughout most of the Harry Potter series, Snape was seen as Harry's enemy. But in the end, he proved to be his best ally. I don't know that you would ever consider Holgorsen to be Howard's enemy, but I'm sure there were a few days where Howard would have loved to show Holgo where to stick that whistle. In the end, though, everything he's done has been for a reason. And hopefully it will result in the defeat of the dark lord of Kansas State, Voldemort Snyder.

casino royale

Even if you're a cold blooded killer, you have to keep up the gentlemanly appearance for the cameras and the general public. You can get away with a lot as long as you get the job done at the end of the day. Just remember, shaken never stirred.

dark night

It all starts with a night game. Embrace the chaos. Be the fear that lives in the hearts of Georgia Southern men and you will win this game.