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Dear Dana: An Open Letter To West Virginia Coach Dana Holgorsen

Just some things I need to get off my chest about the Maryland game and things in general.

We met once. I nodded, you nodded back. I figured anything I said would come out slurred and totally incoherent. You seemed to have a sense of that and kept walking. It was the best outcome possible considering my level of inebriation. It might sound weird, but I respect the quick decision making on your part.

It was a little crazy back in 2013. And as is the norm we talked a lot about employment options. It's just what happens when we have a losing season. Everyone with a voice speculates about the thermodynamic properties of your seat. It was probably never worse than the loss to Maryland. As hard as it was for us, we can only imagine how it felt for you.

That's part of the reason that beating Maryland Saturday was so pleasing. A lot of the seniors on the defense were starting as sophomores. Which means that they also all played significant snaps as freshman. We were young everywhere, really. Our punter, as cool as he is, was our star. It's a night and day difference between then and now. Our punter is A star instead of THE star.

And hey, speaking of the punter. We're up 38-0 on Maryland and you call a fake punt. I mean, normally I'd say you don't want to do that. But since it was who it was, I just have one thing to say to you.

Mountaineer thumbs up

PS. It'd be really cool if you beat Oklahoma this week.