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Staring Down The Musket At The Maryland Terrapins: A Q&A With Testudo Times

The Terps are finally back in Morgantown for the final game of WVU's noncon slate. David from UMD's excellent blog, Testudo Times, joins me to discuss.

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David Tucker from Testudo Times was kind enough to answer some questions about the 'Eers and Terps. Let's get started, shall we?

Matt: It's been a bit of a roller coaster start for you guys and at times the Terps haven't looked too hot. If Randy Edsall doesn't get it turned around could this be his last year in College Park?

David: Maryland signed Edsall to an extension this offseason, mostly for recruiting purposes. But included in that extensions was a $500,000 buyout option for Maryland. The Terps have a great 2016 recruiting class coming in, headlined by star quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Entering the season, most felt that if Edsall could basically tread water this year, he'd survive until at least 2016. But with the home 21 point loss to Bowling Green, Maryland could be on track for a very disappointing season. If they can't get to four or five wins, I think it is definitely possible that a coaching change could occur.

Matt: Give me a bit of an overview on the rationale on such a quick QB change and some of Caleb Rowe's strengths and weaknesses?

David: When Perry Hills was named Maryland's starter, it came as a surprise to many. Most, myself included, thought Rowe would be the guy. Maryland has a lot of talent at wide receiver, even with the departure of Stefon Diggs, and Rowe gives Maryland the best option for getting those guys the ball, especially down field. Caleb is definitely better at getting the ball down the field, but he's also susceptible to trying to force throws, which is why he tossed three interceptions last week against USF. When he's making good decisions, he's a good quarterback.

Matt: How has Maryland's secondary played thus far? WVU will test them over the top and how do you think they'll respond?

David: I hope they respond better than they did against Bowling Green. Maryland allowed 491 passing yards and 6 TDs to Bowling Green's Matt Johnson. He torched them in the second half. The Terps have some very solid players in their secondary, but if their new 4-3 defensive scheme can't get pressure on the QB, they can be susceptible to the big play.

Matt: Has the Big 10 thing gotten less weird yet??

David: I think it has. I think most Maryland fans are pretty happy with the move, especially following the early success they had last year in football when they were able to defeat both Michigan and Penn State on the road. Add in the basketball team's turnaround under and I think most folks are happy. Still weird playing a team like North Carolina in the ACC-B1G challenge and being on the other side of things, though. Speaking of basketball, DON'T YOU DARE BRING UP THAT NCAA TOURNAMENT GAME.

Matt:Finally, what's your prediction for Saturday?

David: I think WVU is a really good, very much underrated and under appreciated team. I think they're going to be able to do a lot against Maryland, force some mistakes, and get that Morgantown crowd going, which will spell disaster for Maryland. Mountaineers win it 34-17.

Matt: Who wins in a race between Sonic the Hedgehog and The Flash AND NO YOU CAN'T JUST PICK WILL LIKELY.

David: Was definitely going to pick Will Likely, but I'll go with Sonic. That Hedgehog can really move.

Thanks again to David from Testudo Times for taking the time to help us preview this weekend's game. You can follow him on Twitter @TestudoDave and be sure to check out Testudo Times for more Terp coverage.