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Smoking Musket College Pick 'Em Gauntlet Week Two Results, Plus Staff Predictions For UCLA vs BYU

Join in on the fun picking the winners each week. Overall winner at the end of the year will win a Nike shirt. We also have the staff predictions for this week's BYU game vs UCLA.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

The Smoking Musket Pick Em Gauntlet is an online college pick 'em game where we will try to pick the winners of the weekly Big 12 contests plus Yahoo! editors' selected games (usually the games involving the top 25 teams). We do pick against the spread (when available). There are usually 20-30 games to pick each week and each correct pick is worth one point. The winner (excluding Musket staff) will be the person at the end of the regular season who has the most correct picks/points. Points are cumulative, so don't worry if you happen to miss a week or two. We will award the winner a WVU Nike T-shirt at the conclusion of the games in December.

All participants are subject to the Official Rules (PDF document link) as determined by SB Nation.

In the case of a tie at the end, the winner will be determined by who "won" the most weeks, head to head with the other folks tied. Coin flip will be used in case that method not resolving the issue..

Our game, as in the past, will be hosted by Yahoo! Fantasy. GAME LINK

Group Name: The Smoking Musket

Group ID: 8233

Group password: WestByGod

We have 21 games to pick this week, starting with games at 5 pm ET Friday. Deadline for each pick is 5 minutes before kickoff.

Here are the top performers (top 11 and ties) from week 2. Congratulations to our own JPFanshawe and CalebHudson for winning week 2 (all you win for this is kudos).

Gauntlet Week 2 2015

Here are the overall standings after two weeks:

Overall 2 2015

We will once again also be featuring staff predictions for the weekly WVU game (or game of interest on the off-weeks). Without further adieu (in order of staff ranking, number correct in parentheses):

JPFanshawe (25)

BYU runs out of miracles and gets spanked.

BYU 24

Abpriddy (25)

As long as Auburn still exists in the universe, no other team can get that lucky for that long. It is not until the Grail of Gus is broken that luck will be dispersed evenly throughout the land. You're 15 minutes are up - sorry Stormin' Mormons.

BYU 17

DE White (25)

With Taysom Hill this game is a toss-up. Without him, the Bruins win fairly easily but don't cover the -17 spread.

BYU 23

WVUIE97 (24)

BYU has been WAAAYYYY too lucky. Time for the ball to bounce the other way.

BYU 21

WVUfanMG (24)

BYU's luck runs out as they run into a buzz saw in UCLA.

BYU 17

Mountaineer Chuck (24)

The inspired ride of the Cardiac Cougars ends at the hands of a defense far more aggressive and athletic than they've experienced this year.

BYU 21

whirsch_wvu2014 (23)

Tanner Mangum has a cannon. Dude can throw a 60 yard pass on the run with accuracy and ease. The Mormon's have miracles written all of over them after two consecutive wins off of hail mary's. What a start to the season!

BYU 24

John Radcliff (23)

Jim Mora will have words with his defensive coordinator once again in a very public way.

BYU 34

Michael Miller (23)

BYU's luck with the Hail Joseph comes to an end. You'll see Josh Rosen-to-Jordan Payton numerous times in the game, and it'll lift the Bruins to victory.

BYU 14

sbwvu1 (23)

You can only get lucky so many times before a market correction occurs.

BYU 24

SmithFire13 (23)

UCLA by a mile.

Dremorgan93 (12)

The miracle season ends with a UCLA defense very communication and heart driven.

BYU 14

Patrick Southern (9)
Matt Kirchner (8)

You only think I picked wrong! That's what's so funny! I You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - only slightly less well-known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line" - but even more slightly less well-known is this : "Never bet against someone named Tanner Magnum in a pick em pool."

BYU 34

Let's Go