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Memory Lane: Pitt Fumbles On Five Consecutive Drives At Homecoming

r/CFB is making fun of Pitt so let's make fun of Pitt because making fun of Pitt is fun.

Classes are in session in Morgantown, but it's still technically the offseason and I haven't quite finished my season preview yet (or started it. Thank God because who the hell saw Jovon Durante taking over the headlines?) So.... since r/CFB is making fun of Pitt, why can't we?


The rest of the Pitt performance that afternoon is actually pretty respectable. Certified not-terrible James Conner ran for three TDs in an honorable 56-28 losing effort against eventual Orange Bowl Champion Georgia Tech. He could have finished with four TDs, but, you know, he fumbled. That's almost as good as Frank Beamer celebrating going into overtime scoreless at home against Wake Forest last year.

It's not as good, but nothing is, really. #GoACC