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WVU Men's Basketball Team Finishes 3-0, Builds Chemistry On Bahamas Trip

The trip to the Bahamas was more about growing closer as a team than defeating weak competition, according to Bob Huggins.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Playing against amatuers and semi-pro teams, the West Virginia men's basketball team had no trouble completing a clean sweep of IBA Elite (111-39), Atlantis All-Stars (109-62) and CTG Knights (94-74).

Per WVU's official website, Jonathan Holton, Esa Ahmad, and Devin Williams led the team with 15 points in the win over IBA Elite. Jevon Carter paced them with 25 in the trounce of the Atlantis All-Stars, and Carter again led them in scoring in the more closely contested victory over the CTG Knights, with 18.

Growing closer together as a team was the man objective for this trip though, and it looks like that was accomplished. Huggins told about the experience:

This trip was great and I think it was a great experience for them. We are going to go on a boat tomorrow and go snorkeling. The people have been wonderful here and treated us very well. This has been a good experience for our guys.

Huggins has said that basketball-wise, the 10 practices in Morgantown before the trip to the Bahamas were the most important. The trip itself was more about guys getting to know each other better, especially the freshmen.

Speaking of snorkeling..

Looks like fun. These trips can do nothing but good. As we learned in the Eron Harris era, guys getting along with teammates and coaches is supremely important. That doesn't seem to be an issue with this squad.