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West Virginia's Dana Holgorson Hopes The Game Will Come Naturally To Shelton Gibson

Highly regarded West Virginia Wide Receiver Shelton Gibson is fighting to be the best receiver Coach Dana Holgorsen has ever coached but is running into some bumps in that road. Holgorsen discusses Gibson having pre-season struggles coming from being too tense.

Shelton Gibson hopes to become the next great receiver in The Holgerson Era
Shelton Gibson hopes to become the next great receiver in The Holgerson Era
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"Shelton Gibson is probably the fastest receiver that I've coached."

Those were words spoken by West Virginia Football's Head Coach Dana Holgorsen to perhaps give insight on positive things to come for the wide receiver position on his team. Gibson who collected 310 total yards of offense on 17 touches was touted as one of The West Virginia Offense's potential weapons at Wide Receiver coming out of the spring. He received praise from his fellow teammates and coaches heading into camp for his speed and ability to become an impact deep threat.

As of now?

Coach Holgorsen asserts he's trying too hard.

"He is dropping balls. He is too tense. He fights it. That sort of thing," Holgorsen argues. The receiver can be remembered for his key drop in a game against the Alabama Crimson Tide that could have changed the game but also for his potential shown in the kick return game towards the October stretch and deep ball connection with quarterback Skyler Howard in the Auto Zone Liberty Bowl.

"He's made referencing to me in passing that he wants to be the best that I ever coached, and I tell him ‘let's hold on here and have a good sophomore year.' He's put a lot of pressure on himself, and it means a lot to him. He tries really hard. He goes full speed all the time. You guys saw that when he covered kicks last year. He plays really hard, and he plays really fast to the point where he gets out of control at times. He needs to take some deep breathes and relax. He needs to quit putting so much pressure on himself, and let the game come to him a little bit." - Dana Holgorsen

If Gibson can step up he could be one of the pieces to an offense trying to replace two receivers in NFL camps at the moment from the 2014 team in first and seventh round draft picks Kevin White and Mario Alford.

"He had a couple of bad days, and then he regrouped and had a couple of good days the last few days, so he needs to keep that mentality moving forward." - Dana Holgorsen

As of August 12 with no new word, Wide Receivers Coach Lonnie Galloway and Head Coach Dana Holgorsen have not named a solidified starter at any of the four wide receiver positions and are still figuring out their two deep.

Shelton Gibson is fighting hard to stay in that conversation.