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Which WVU Football Uniform Combination Is The Best?

WVU has a plethora of football uniform combinations to choose from. Which one is your favorite?


Friday, we asked you which Big 12 team outside of Morgantown had the best looking uniform combination. Now, we look inward and try to discern which combo that WVU currently uses (this rules out the Pro-Combats from 2010) looks the best. Gone are the days when it was always gold pants and blue helmets, with either a blue home jersey or white away jersey. With the advent of Nike as the official uniform provider, multiple combinations are now available.

Here's a handy chart for most of the combos available to the Mountaineers:

Missing from this infographic are the throwback helmets that WVU has worn the last two years. This makes for even more possibilities, though WVU has only ever used the throwback in combination with blue jerseys and blue or white pants:

Photo credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Now, they obviously could us them with the other possible combos. I don't see it happening on the road, which rules out the white jerseys, but they could.

ESPN's Big 12 blog listed four of WVU's combinations among the league's best looks:

  • blue helmet, gold jerseys, blue pants
  • throwback helmet, blue jersey, blue or white pants
  • all whites (other team's fans use the stormtrooper moniker here, but I feel like ours is closer to the real thing with the dark blue trim)
    Dana Vader
  • blue helmets, gold jerseys, gold pants (their reasoning was Tavon's Night; no arguments one of which we will not speak)

I'm not gonna make a poll with every possible combination, but will try to whittle it down to the most used and/or most memorable (thus far, to my recollection).

If I've forgotten any major combinations, please let me know in the comments.

Again, the color listing is: helmet, jersey, then pants.