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Who In The Big 12 Has The Best Football Uniforms (Besides WVU)?

Which Big 12 team has the best sartorial sense?

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it's the off season and there's not a whole lot to talk about so we may as well talk about uniforms. Yesterday, ESPN's Big 12 Blog ran a piece about the best football uniforms combinations in the Big 12. Four of the WVU combinations made the list. We'll talk about those over the weekend, but today we're talking about the rest of the league.

Do you like the classic looks? Or do you like the newer styled special combos? The article linked above has images of each combo if you're not sure exactly what each combo looks like.

I know it's sometimes hard to be objectionable, but since we're new to the league and really are still learning to hate some of these teams, I think it should be possible. With that in mind, of the uniform combinations that ESPN ranked, which do you think looks the best.

The color options listed below are in order of helmet, jersey then pants.