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West Virginia Mountaineers Football 2015 – Better, Worse Or About The Same?

The Saturday Edge asked us a few questions about the WVU football team after spring drills.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images


The WVU offense will likely begin the season as slightly worse, but look for it to end the season the same or better.

The obvious reasons for an initial downtick are the losses of wide receivers Kevin White, the number 7 pick in this years NFL draft, and Mario Alford (NFL 7th round selection).

Less obvious, but also of large importance, are the losses of two starting offensive lineman in Mark Glowinski (NFL 4th round pick) and Quentin Spain, and the losses of significant contributors in the backfield (Dustin Garrison and Andrew Buie).

If the offensive line can survive the departures of Glowinski and Spain the WVU offense will thrive by mid season.

WVU has continuity at quarterback (kind of), and two proven running backs in Rushel Shell and Wendell Smallwood.

The receiver position doesn't boast any household names yet, but with several experienced players coming back and Holgorsen's track record with wideouts expect at least one, if not two, receivers to shine.

By the time the Big 12 schedule comes around WVU's offense should be roughly equal to, or exceeding, last year's output.

To see the what we think of the defense and the team overall, check out the rest of the article at The Saturday Edge.