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West Virginia Mountaineers Football Recruiting Update (4/6/15)

West Virginia has some interesting running back targets in the 2016 class.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Spring ball is still the main topic of conversation right now (as it should be) but the position battles are highlighting 2016 recruiting needs at the very least. Right now the RB position looks to be the thinnest, especially after DTW went down with a knee injury. Jacky Marcellus has moved back to his former high school position but it is still clear that the Mountaineers need to reload a little more at this position. Ideally at least two backs will end up in the 2016 class and it seems very possible with over 25 offers out to RB targets right now. Some of these offers are to players currently committed or long shots (e.g.; four star Matthew Falcon) but West Virginia should still be in contention for some solid targets.

Kaezon Pugh is a name that hasn't come up in a while but, with his ties to the program in Dravon Henry, could definitely still be considered as a likely commit. His commitment would also continue the Aliquippa pipeline to WVU, a nearby hotbed for talent that West Virginia only cracked with transfer of Rushel Shell and the commitment of Dravon Henry. Pugh is also a formidable athlete in his own right as well though and would bring a lot to the table in terms of talent. Listed at 6'2" and 200 lbs., Pugh is a bit on the taller side but has excellent vision and solid speed in the open field. He looks like he can get low for contact at times and break some tackles.  If he develops his pass catching skills (which are not bad by any means), he could be a very complete back at the next level.

Keep an eye out on the JUCO ranks as well. Clint Trickett's position at East Missippi Community College means that any offers out to their players are worth watching. WVU recently offered running back Dacorius Law, who has serious talent but hasn't be able to advance to the next level due to grade issues. That is a thing of the past this year and the Mountaineers are interested in securing his talents. Law would be a great addition to the class and could provide depth and experience right away. At 5'11" and 190 lbs., he has a nice frame for a running back and he has a running style a little reminiscent of Steve Slaton.

There are quite a few more targets at running back but Law and Pugh are two that WVU should have a very good shot at. With Shell and Smallwood heading things up, the cupboard is by no means bare but the injury bug easily thin the ranks so it will be important for the staff to lock down a couple talented backs in 2016. Reshuffling players like Marcellus can be a quick solution but at the end of the day WVU will need to add more legs in the stable with this recruiting class.