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WVU Football 2015: A Game Of Throwns

The land of Westeros Virginia is in need of a new quarterback to sit on the Iron Thrown.

The Iron Thrown of Westeros Virginia sits vacant after Ser Clint of Trickett lost his head. Lord Dana of House Holgorseryan must find a replacement or risk the kingdom descending into complete chaos after improvements were made in 2014.

Four worthy candidates have emerged from the fires of the Blackwater (Falls).

The Ruling General:


The Heir Apparent:


The Two Young Usurpers From The East:



The ruling general, Skyler of House Howard, currently has the upper hand. Ser William of Crest is waiting for him to slip up just once (and may even invite him to a wedding or two). As for the two young usurpers, they still know nothing, yet that will not assuage them in their attempt to challenge for the Thrown.

Westeros Virginia needs a strong leader on the Thrown if they are to successfully take on the Longhornisters (who always pay their debts, lord knows they have enough money), the TCUllys, the Bayloratheons, and others among the noble houses of the Big 12.

Brace yourselves, for fall is coming and with it, much competition between now and then.


Valar Mountaineeris